Earth Day 2019Earth Day 2019 takes place on April 22, but many of the activities and events happen on the weekend before. Whenever you celebrate it, this day reminds everyone both of the bounty of the natural environment and the need to protect it. However, you may engage in work or play activities that challenge your body in ways you haven’t used it in a long while. So, when the day is complete, you can follow it up with a massage to relax and recuperate. Here are some of the things you can do to celebrate this important day.

Go to a Big Party

Party for the Planet – it’s a catchy name. It’s also a great opportunity to get out and enjoy exhibits, concerts, and shows. And, since it takes place the week before Earth Day, you can start your celebration early. While you’re there, you can socialize with friends and meet new acquaintances, too. In fact, you’ll be so wrapped up in the fun, you won’t even notice how tired you’re getting. That’s okay. You can recuperate the next day.

Take a Pilgrimage

Consider spending a day going on a pilgrimage to Burns Bog. Start at the Delta Nature Reserve and follow the route to the peatlands. Along the way, you can spend the day drumming, singing, and dancing to show your happiness for the beautiful earth. But if you’re a bit sore from the trip, no worries. You can get a massage to ease your strained muscles and joints.

Do Something Meaningful

Why not use Earth Day as a time to make a contribution and develop earth-friendly skills and habits? At several events, you can do activities that benefit the environment. For instance, you can go to Everett Crowley Park and join in planting native shrubs.

Or, you can do the same at Stanley Park along with other helpful projects like removing invasive blackberry bushes or making crafts out of invasive plants. Unfortunately, your back may ache by the end of the event. Yet, with a good massage, you can recover nicely.

Exchange Reusable Items

At Maple Ridge, you can take part in Freecycle, an event where you can find and offer used clothing, books, toys, sporting goods, and other gently used items. It’s the perfect activity for an environmentally conscious Earth Day. For one thing, it’s a great way to keep usable objects in circulation and out of landfills. For another, it gives you a chance to get rid of unwanted items and replace them with things you actually need and want.

Take Care of You

With Earth Day behind you, you may notice muscle aches, tension, or painful joints. You’ve done your part for the environment. Now, it’s time to take care of you. First, book a massage before the festivities begin. Then, when it’s all over, keep that appointment. You’ll feel better and move more freely after a Registered Massage Therapist helps you.

At Davie Village RMT, you can find the relief and relaxation you need. Talk to an RMT to find out how massage can make a difference after such a busy and physically challenging day. Then, you can remember Earth Day happily and look forward to celebrating it next year with the same vigour and excitement you did in 2019.