Myofascial Release Massage VancouverBenefits of a Myofascial Release Massage –

Myofascial Release Massage Vancouver – A relatively new treatment compared to other common massage modalities, myofascial release massage is growing in popularity. This is especially true within the massage therapy industry and the health community in Vancouver. It differs from classic treatments, in that it incorporates the use of gentle stretching techniques. This serves to engage the connective tissue between and throughout the muscles in the body. This more passive treatment has many positive effects on muscles, ligaments and even the immune system. Below are just a few of its many benefits for the body and overall health.

  1. Boost Your Recovery Time

Myofascial Release massage can help to increase both the flow of oxygen and lymphatic fluid (an essential part of the immune system). Thus,  more nutrients reach soft tissue and muscle. Furthermore, this helps to remove metabolic waste, speeding up your body’s recovery time. Some patients who had or are about to undergo surgery choose this treatment for better fascial alignment before surgery. It also helps boost their immune system afterwards. Just be sure to get approval from your physician to make sure it’s the right treatment for you.

  1. Improve Range of Motion

 The techniques used during this kind of massage target adhesions or rough spots within the fascia (a type of connective tissue). Then, this gives the joints more range of motion to move more freely with fewer muscular or fascial restrictions. So, you can move easily during day-to-day activities and exercise.

  1. Reduce Muscle Soreness

 With fewer adhesions and an increase in blood flow, your muscles are less strained. In addition, muscle pain can become less frequent. You experience less soreness, whether you’re on your feet all day for work or relaxing at home after a long day.

  1. Help Eliminate Referral Pain & Trigger Points

Headaches, migraines, and lower back pain are common symptoms of trigger points in the body. These trigger points are caused by tight fascia that is putting the tension on the surrounding tissues and sending referral pain to other areas. Myofascial release works to relax the tightened fascia. This, then, helps to eliminate the trigger points that cause patients pain and difficulty.

With all these benefits, it is easy to understand why more massage therapists are incorporating this massage treatment. It also makes sense that more patients are choosing to add it to their regular self-care routine. Ask your registered massage therapist if a myofascial release massage can be beneficial to your unique condition.