Five Exercises That Can Keep You FitFive Exercises That Can Keep You Fit

Keeping active to stay fit is an oft-repeated mantra which can seem easier said than done. Moreover, plenty of people do their best to workout seemingly without any results. This is why we at Davie Village have compiled a list of easily performed training regimens that keep you fit. Your body is your most important possession and staying active is key to staying healthy long term.


Perhaps the most widely used exercise method, pushups are nonetheless often overlooked as a training method – mainly because they are performed poorly, and therefore yield poor results. The proper way to do pushups is to start off with your palms firmly placed on the floor, with your hands spaced somewhat more broadly apart than your shoulders. Furthermore, you should make sure to keep your back straight and remember to have your neck and head aligned with your back as you begin pushing against the floor.


Many people underestimate the power of simply walking more. Choosing to eschew one’s car and to instead head to the store or downtown on foot can drastically improve your health, helping to keep you fit. Walking can also strengthen your bones, improve your cholesterol levels, and even lift your spirits. Make sure that you have a suitable pair of shoes and start walking!


Squats have recently gained widespread popularity as an effective type of workout and should not be overlooked. Although squatting activates your hamstrings, quadriceps, and glutei (butt), doing squats will also have a beneficial effect on your abs, calves, back, as well as a myriad of other muscle groups.


This exercise is dependent on you having access to a swimming pool. However, many Canadian cities offer readily accessible public swimming pools for a trivial fee. Furthermore, swimming gives you an overall workout that activates muscle groups all over your body, making regular swimmers leaner. In addition to this, swimming stretches your ligaments, tendons, and spine, meaning that you can grow taller by swimming.


No list of the top workout regimens would be complete without a mention of running. Not only is running hugely beneficial to your physical health, but it also brings health advantages regarding mental health and stress management. Studies have found that you can also get a” Runner’s High” from merely sprinting every once in a while, as the physical exercise makes your brain release endorphins.


Nevertheless, it should be stressed that keeping active alone is no guarantee for enduring fitness, although it undoubtedly increases the chance of stay fit for longer. To further improve the likelihood of long-term fitness, one should also make sure to receive regular physical therapy. Davie Village Registered Massage Therapy is a great massage choice for those living in or around Vancouver. Stay active and proactive to stay healthy!