How the Right Atmosphere Enhances Your Massage

Right Atmosphere Enhances Your MassageMassage therapy clinics devote a lot of attention to giving you the right environment for your sessions. Your Registered Massage Therapist’s skills and techniques ensure that your massage is physically beneficial, of course, but the ambience of the room can have a significant impact as well. Here are some of the factors we consider and how they contribute to your experience.


Interior design for a massage therapy clinic requires the designer to consider the emotional impact of every detail. Colours play an important role. For instance, bright colours don’t work well for a massage room, because they’re too exciting to promote a sense of calm. Also, since they prevent you from relaxing fully, your muscles are naturally tenser.


The lighting has to be just right in a massage room. It has to be bright enough for the massage therapist to make out the unique form of your soft tissues and frame. At the same time, stark white light is too harsh to help you relax into the massage. That’s why we use slightly softer, neutral lighting.


The sounds in the room are also significant. Loud, sudden noises may startle you and cause you to flinch or jerk in response. And that can lead to pain as well as increased tension. So, we design the room to be ultra-quiet. If we use music to enhance your relaxation, we choose gentle, soothing compositions and play them at a comfortable volume.


When you smell something unpleasant, it’s natural to feel uncomfortable and even slightly irritated. So, what is a bad smell, anyway? Scientists say that depends on the associations you’ve formed throughout your life. However, certain smells are disagreeable for nearly everyone. Strong chemical smells, the scent of decay or mould, and the reek of stale body odour distract you from the massage.

So, we always make sure the massage room is clean, but we don’t use cleaning solutions that create harsh smells. Some massage clinics also use aromatherapy during the massage session. These scents come from nature and are chosen based on your specific needs.

At Davie-Village RMT, we put a lot of effort into every aspect of your massage experience. Our Registered Massage Therapists are well-educated and highly trained in many massage types and techniques to help you deal with chronic pain, injuries, and a number of physical conditions.

Your comfort is our concern. Although we concentrate on improving your physical condition, we also work to ensure that you have a relaxing experience in our massage clinic. Book a massage therapy session today for the right massage in an ideal setting.