Vancouver Pride is upon us. In two short weeks, Vancouver will see the return of the Pride Parade as the city’s LGBTQ2+ community celebrates again. The festival started as a courageous protest back in 1978. Last year, the parade saw more than 650,000 participants. Everything points towards this year’s event being just as eventful as it celebrates its 40th anniversary. Moreover, Vancouver Pride will undoubtedly see an influx of visitors during Pride week.

Unwind with a Massage

A great way to unwind during your stay is to receive physical therapy at a registered massage therapy clinic. First, this will this grant you some peace of mind. Also, your body can relax properly during the Pride week. You can visit our RMT clinic, located in Davie Village, in Vancouver’s charming Westend neighbourhood, for a Pride week massage. Our local area is home to Vancouver’s vibrant gay community. Therefore, you will be at the centre of the Pride events.

Davie Village Registered Massage Therapy in Vancouver is an LGBTQ2+ owned and operated RMT clinic. During Pride, we would like to especially welcome people from all around the world. So, visit us whether you are Vancouver-based or not. See is regardless of whether you are a part of the LGBTQ2+ community or not, In fact, it doesn’t even matter if you are a seasoned physical therapy enthusiast or a massage novice. We are here to help you.

Improve Your Overall Well-Being

In addition to simply being relaxing and stress-relieving, physical therapy is a superb way to improve general well-being. It dramatically promotes muscle recovery and relaxation. Thus, stiffness and swelling can be reduced. Furthermore, physical therapy also improves your circulation. As a result, it lowers blood pressure and improves general body functions. Therefore, you can stay more active for more extended periods of time. And that is important during Pride week. It means you should have no issues celebrating all day and perhaps the better parts of some nights during Vancouver Pride.

A Massage Therapy Clinic with Pride

There is no bad time to start receiving regular physical therapy, as it comes with a whole range of positive mental and physical effects. However, Vancouver Pride is as good a time as any to try it. Moreover, a visit to the Davie Village Registered Massage Therapy clinic ensures that you will receive top-notch physical therapy treatment. What is more, you can also rest easy knowing that the clinic is owned and operated by members of the LGBTQ2+ community.

Vancouver Pride offers a veritable plethora of different fun and engaging activities in the week leading up to the Vancouver Pride Parade on the 5th of August. However, make sure to set some time aside for yourself to receive a well-deserved massage before the party starts. Not only will this give you a glimpse into Vancouver’s LGBTQ2+ community, it will also leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed. Treat yourself to some physical therapy when in Vancouver – you are worth it.