Massage Therapy for HIV Patients-

Massage Therapy for HIV PatientsAlthough medicine took significant leaps forward with HIV and AIDS treatments, massage therapy for HIV patients has not been researched in-depth to understand its benefits. Based on the existing research, HIV patients experience higher depression and anxiety disorders than people in the general population, who are not exposed. The same study mentioned above states that massage therapy for HIV patients has significant benefits in the long run when it comes to treating psychiatric or psychological conditions. However, most available research sample sizes were too small, or the observation period was too short. These limitations led to inconclusive outcomes, which cannot confirm whether massage therapy for HIV patients is beneficial in the long run.

Overall Well Being for HIV patients

The overall wellbeing of patients with HIV can be affected by medical or non-medical factors. Therapeutic factors such as compromised immune system, exposure to opportunistic infections and physical signs can have a direct impact on a patients’ wellbeing.

Some of the non-medical factors such as social stigma, social inclusion, fear of death or dying, sense of remorse, and a loss or self-exclusion from spirituality, personal relationships, and career opportunities, to name a few have adverse consequences on an individual. These issues can significantly reduce a person’s self-esteem, desire to excel, increase their self-perceived worthlessness, and may result in depression, anxiety or more serious psychological or psychiatric conditions.

Massage Therapy May Help Patients with HIV

You may ask yourself, how can massage therapy help me? It is simple; massage therapy is a form of complementary treatment that can help your body fight disease by strengthening your immune system. Additionally, massage therapy performed by a registered massage therapist can help your body deal with stress, reduce anxiety and depression. It can further assist your body to become stronger and fight off opportunistic infections that can complicate your overall wellbeing. Taking a holistic approach is highly essential when you are fighting HIV, AIDS or any other diseases.

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