Registered Massage Therapy and Back PainRegistered Massage Therapy and Back Pain – 

Winter in Vancouver may have been mild this year. Even so, the cold, wet weather  seems to be lingering around, especially around Downtown Vancouver. Here at Davie Village RMT clinic, we know well how important it is to keep warm. In winter, you need warmth to stay healthy. Often, people try to stay warm by wearing heavy coats (particularly those with large hoods or big collars) and scarves.

Yet wearing heavy garments for extended periods of time can contribute to neck, shoulder, and upper back tension. Furthermore, it can aggravate existing chronic pain.  In fact, wearing a heavy coat around all day is comparable to wearing a heavy backpack all day. In addition, the colder weather itself can exacerbate existing muscle and joint pain. That’s true even without the weight of heavy coats and scarves factored in. Still, the benefits of dressing for the weather outweigh the discomfort of bulky winter clothing.


Those with pre-existing back pain may want to consider looking into lighter options. Look for garments that provide maximum warmth with minimal bulk and weight. Instead of a single, thick coat, wear layers. This helps you maintain your heat without adding too much weight. Layering also has another advantage. That is, you can remove articles of clothing if you feel too warm at any point. Merino wool is known for being lightweight and soft. At the same time, it offers excellent insulation and temperature regulation. Or, if you prefer not to wear wool, you can choose thin synthetic materials designed to insulate well with minimal bulk and weight. When shopping for a winter coat, consider not only the fit of it but also its weight as well. Stores specializing in outerwear such as MEC or Sportchek carry a wide selection of coats. Fortunately, these include coats designed to be lightweight.

How Registered Massage Therapy Can Help

A registered massage therapist can help relax tight, constricted muscles aggravated by both heavy winter clothing and cold temperatures. Massage techniques such as deep tissue massage and Swedish massage, in particular, are helpful. They can help with relaxing tight muscles strained from the repeated wearing of heavy clothing. Aside from hands-on work, a registered massage therapist can also advise on at-home stretching. Then, you can work to prevent future pain from heavy clothing. Bulky winter clothes and colder weather making you feel a bit achy? Give us a call at 604-428-2799 to book an appointment with one of our registered massage therapists.