Sports Massage for AthletesSports Massage for Athletes – 

With the Olympics in full swing, the whole world’s eyes are on Pyeongchang. Of course, many of us are aware of how hard Olympic athletes train to be the best at their sport. Yet, not all are aware that sports massage is also a big part of the training regimen for Olympic athletes. Aside from helping to relax and loosen tight muscles, many athletes use sports massage to recover from sports injuries.

Sports Massage Isn’t New

For massage therapists, it is a great honour to support Olympians to perform their best at the games. The history of massaging the body before high-intensity physical activity dates back to very first Olympic Games in 776BC. After a competition, athletes would dip in a hot bath to relax their bodies. Then, they would receive a massage. Last, they would drop in cold water to prepare for their next event.

Not Just for Olympians and Professional Athletes

Whether you are a weekend jogger, training for the Ironman Triathlon or the Sun Run, or an international competitor, we are proud to offer sports massage at Davie Village Registered Massage Therapy. You don’t have to be a professional athlete to enjoy the benefits of sports massage. Increased athletic endurance and performance are available for amateur sports, too. Sports massage can also aid in the recovery of old injuries and reduce post-workout soreness. Deep tissue massage can also help to relieve chronic pain and overuse injuries related to athletic training. Massage therapists do this by targeting specific areas of pain.

Sports Massage at Davie Village Registered Massage Therapy

Registered massage therapists at Davie Village RMT have experience working with athletes of many levels. During your sessions, we use massage techniques to help you meet your health and performance goals. At the end of the sessions, massage therapists can also make recommendations for stretching and strengthening exercises. Thus, you know what to do to help prevent future sports injuries. Prevent injuries by booking a massage with a registered massage therapist today!