Stress Relief Massage VancouverRelieve Stress This Fall With A Stress Relief Massage in Vancouver –

School is back in full-swing, now.  Everyone at the office has gone back to a regular work schedule after summer vacations. At a time like this,  it can feel like your to-do list is never-ending. That’s especially true with family holidays like Thanksgiving already around the corner next month.

It may seem like a luxury and not a necessity, but self-care is important during stressful times. Unfortunately, stress can manifest itself in the body causing tension headaches, restless limbs and sometimes even physical pain.

Consider visiting with a massage therapist on a regular basis during periods of high stress. After all, a stress relief massage can be helpful in managing your health and well-being. Here is what to expect with your first visit.


One of the essential parts of combating the effects of stress on the body is knowing where it affects you physically. This all starts with a short consultation process. During this part of the session, your RMT will help you determine where your problem areas. After that, they can begin your stress relief massage treatment.

A Customized Stress Relief Massage

Based on the consultation, your RMT will choose the best massage techniques to target your specific pain points. They work to give you the best stress relief massage possible. Over time, these techniques will change depending on the progress made after each treatment.


Stretches are not just for before work-outs or yoga class. In addition, doing stretches in the morning can help ease sore muscles if you are a restless sleeper. Also, it can work to increase circulation when done on a regular basis.

Beyond just a stress relief massage, your RMT can recommend proper stretches for you to do at home. This furthers your physical improvement and relieves your daily stress between appointments.

A custom stress relief massage is an excellent way to reduce the physical effects of stress. It addresses the specific areas of the body where you feel stress the most. Take your self-care off the back burner by booking a stress relief massage in Vancouver with one of our highly skilled registered massage therapists.