Valentine’s Day Registered Massage Therapy Gift CertificatesA Great Valentine’s Day Gift Idea – 

February 14th, whether you love it or hate it, it’s Valentine’s Day. The typical box of chocolates, roses, and stuffed animals with red and pink hearts get old pretty fast year after year. So what else is out there? How about giving that special someone the gift of a relaxation massage from a Registered Massage Therapist? You can give them a Valentine’s Day Registered Massage Therapy gift certificates to Davie Village RMT

At Valentine’s time, you can go to our website for Davie Village RMT gifts. Even better, they never expire. That means they can be used year-round to model to your personal schedule. Don’t have a special someone in your life? Then, treat yourself. There is nothing wrong with some personal TLC and gifting yourself with a Swedish or Deep Tissue Massage. In so many ways, it much better than staying at home indulging in chocolates.

Benefits of Relaxation Massage

In today’s fast-paced, “Go, go, go” society and workaholic culture, we forget to take time for relaxation. As a result, we gain weight we don’t need. We start having recurrent headaches. Maybe we have mood problems. We develop stomach problems. Finally, we abandon our healthy eating and sleeping habits. Taking the time to relax is a very important factor for staying healthy. So, be sure you don’t overlook it. In fact, relaxation does not always have to be costly like a vacation to a tropical destination. Instead, it can be anything as simple as making space in the day for a bit of “you time”. As an anonymous person once said, “Every time you say no to someone else, you are saying yes to yourself.”

Relaxation massage performed by a registered massage therapist uses gentle, smooth motions. The therapist performs each technique at a slower pace than other forms of massage. In addition, relaxation massage stimulates the release of endorphins. As the body’s natural painkillers and “feel good” chemicals, endorphins shift the body from “go go go” mode to “rest and relaxation” mode. In the end, your blood pressure and heart rate decrease. You sleep better, you digest your food better, and your circulation improves. When your massage is over, your heart is ready for whatever Valentine’s Day brings!