The Interview

Pre-massage assessment

The treatment process begins with a short 5-minute interview will be conducted for initial patients. For subsequent patients, this interview will be about 2 minutes to follow-up and re-assess the previous treatments’ effectiveness.

This interview process is critical for the RMT to determine the cause of the injury the best approaches to the problem, and therefore, offer the best possible treatment and home-care plan for the patient.

The Treatment


The hands-on treatment will take up the majority of the time and will consist of various treatment techniques based on the patient’s unique medical condition and information gained from the interview process.

A structured treatment plan that works well for both the therapist and the patient will be decided upon based on the severity of the issue. A regular schedule with the treatments closer together, in the beginning, is standard until the patient starts to recover and receive periodic maintenance work to prevent a reoccurrence of the original condition.

Home Care & Re-Assessment

Home Care

Occasionally, a few minutes will be dedicated to demonstrating stretching and strengthening exercises, postural corrections, and reassessment of the original issue. Home care, like the interview, will take up a little more time for the initial treatment and less time for subsequent treatments.

The reassessments will assist the therapists and enable them to see how the patient is responding to the treatment. With this information, the therapists can make changes